Asked if the regulator might change course before

Asked if the regulator might change course before

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Ads during the Super Bowl.)The NFL also lobbied Liberal MP Seamus O MP Hedy Fry executive assistant, a special assistant in the Office of the Minister of International Trade and a policy advisor in the Prime Minister Office.Easter and O were unavailable to comment Wednesday and Nault did not immediately respond to a request for comment.In emailed statements, the offices of the prime minister and the minister of international trade said they meet regularly with stakeholders from across Canada.But the Prime Minister Office emphasized the CRTC independence and said the decision is not reviewable by government. Under the Broadcasting Act, the government has the ability to overturn the CRTC licensing decisions but not policy decisions.respect the independence of the CRTC and any further questions about the CRTC decision should be directed to the CRTC. Asked if the regulator might change course before game day, CRTC spokeswoman Patricia Valladao said their decision is final and is before the courts..

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