Some professional bowlers prefer to use a special

Some professional bowlers prefer to use a special

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The sole of the shoe is leathery while the heel is made of rubber or latex.Some professional bowlers prefer to use a special „bowling glove“ or a wrist brace that holds the wrist and base of the hand into a specific position that reduces stress incurred from forcing the musculature to remain still during the approach and release. This position is not too dissimilar from that of a handshake.Additionally, some may also prefer towels and a special talc that keeps the bowling ball drill holes free from moisture and lane grease, and reduces the friction of the release, allowing the fingers to slide out of the holes more easily at the release.Practically all alleys have their own equipment for public use: a relatively large variety of bowling balls and shoes that may be rented for a small cost, but many alleys also have their own „pro shops“ that sell these items as well. Consequently, many of the items having been used by many people are subject to accelerated wear and tear even though they are maintained.

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