The virus has exploded there in recent weeks

The virus has exploded there in recent weeks

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It’s also raging in Russia, which saw its fourth record breaking day of Covid 19 cases on Sunday. The virus has exploded there in recent weeks, with case numbers now firmly in the six digits. Things are looking better elsewhere. That is an increase of 47 cases, seven hospitalizations in the past 24 hours. There have been no new deaths reported in the past 24 hours. Women account for the majority of COVID 19 deaths in Alexandria, 17, compared to 15 for men.

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Another incident happened earlier in the history of the series. From 1904 the varsity squads from Troy and Piqua did not play each other on the football field. Now, to be truthful, there was a game scheduled for 1905, but with numerous injuries and several deaths nationwide, and following a very ugly injury to a Troy player in the first game of the season, Troy cancelled the rest of their contests for that year.

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